PIERRE CARDIN RENEE SET Set of ballpoint pen and mechanical pencil

The luxury gun-metal set of the ball pen and micro pencil. You will get the best as RENEE writing instruments, designed by PIERRE CARDIN, are crafted one by onewith every attention and care to ensure the best of quality. The ball pen features a twist action mechanism and carries a large capacity blue ink refill fitted with a 1mmtip for smooth writing. A black ink supplementary refill is included. The automatic twist action pencil comes with a 0.5mm graphite also available from the best retailers. The set is delivered in a beautiful gift box that includes acertificate of authenticity as well as extra black ink refill for the ball pen. Recommended printing technology: laser L1.Maximum print size: 25 × 4 mm.Dimensions:ballpoint pen 1.2 × 14.2 cm,micro pencil 1.2 × 14.2 cm,packaging 17.5 × 5.5 × 3.5 cm.Carton quantity in pcs: 20.

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