Vanilla Season


Practical foldable shoppingbag. This spacious foldableshopping bag Vanilla Seasonwith modern flower pattern willbe stylish accessory for yourshopping.Material: polyester. Recommended branding:silkscreen printing S3. Maximum print size:300 × 250 mm. Dimensions: 37 × 40 cm.

2,72 € without VAT

VS KISO ceramic pocket knife VS KISO ceramic pocket knife

Ceramic folding knife isuseful for everyday cookingand food preparation. Itcomes in handy whencutting, carving or dicingvegetables and fruits. Whenclosed, blade is protectedfrom mechanical damagewhich assures that itmaintains its extraordinarypropertiessuch as ability to preservehealthy vitamins andenzymes in prepared food.Packed in a Vanilla Seasongift box.Recommended branding:pad printing T3, laser L2. Maximum print size:25 × 10 mm. Dimensions:handle 11 cm,blade 8 × 2 × 0.1 cm,package 12.5 × 1.5 × 4 cm.

4,95 € without VAT

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