Vanilla Season


Practical foldable shoppingbag. This spacious foldableshopping bag Vanilla Seasonwith modern flower pattern willbe stylish accessory for yourshopping.Material: polyester. Recommended branding:silkscreen printing S3. Maximum print size:300 × 250 mm. Dimensions: 37 × 40 cm.

2,72 € without VAT

VS KISO ceramic pocket knife VS KISO ceramic pocket knife

Ceramic folding knife isuseful for everyday cookingand food preparation. Itcomes in handy whencutting, carving or dicingvegetables and fruits. Whenclosed, blade is protectedfrom mechanical damagewhich assures that itmaintains its extraordinarypropertiessuch as ability to preservehealthy vitamins andenzymes in prepared food.Packed in a Vanilla Seasongift box.Recommended branding:pad printing T3, laser L2. Maximum print size:25 × 10 mm. Dimensions:handle 11 cm,blade 8 × 2 × 0.1 cm,package 12.5 × 1.5 × 4 cm.

4,95 € without VAT

VS MARIOKA cork coaster VS MARIOKA cork coaster

Set of 4 Vanilla Season cork coasters in a cork stand. Packed in a Vanilla Season gift box. Recommended printing technology: S2 screen print Maximum print size: O 90mm Coaster dimensions: O 10x0.5cm stand O 11x2.8 cm, package 11 x 11 x 3 cm

5,50 € without VAT


During romantic momentswith wine, you will surelyappreciate a cooling stick.Included with the coolingstick is a small funnel. Thecooler maintains the idealtemperature while drinkingthe entire bottle. Put thecooler into your freezer for30 minutes, then connect itwith the funnel and put intothe bottle. Packed in a VanillaSeason gift box.Recommended branding:metal part – laser L1,plastic part – padprinting T2. Maximum print size:metal part 90 × 7 mm,plastic part 25 × 7 mm. Dimensions: 31.5 × 2.5 cm,package 21 × 3.9 × 9 cm.

7,70 € without VAT


VS YANARIA Practical wine set of 2 bottle stoppers and a corkscrew

8,61 € without VAT

VS MUMBAI set of mug and green tea VS MUMBAI set of mug and green tea

Porcelain cup, volume 400 ml, its ear is made in original shape. Fill it by a great deal of tea or your other favourite drink. Enjoy a delicious black or green tea, which are included in the package. Original Chinese green tea with jasmine flowers is a very popular combination. Classic black Indian tea has very strong and intensive flavour. The set is packed in Vanilla Season gift box. Recommended branding: rotary silkscreen printing. Maximum print size: 80 × 30 mm. Dimensions: mug O 8 × 13.3 cm, package 23.8 × 9.4 × 17.6 cm.

8,99 € without VAT

VS HAMEDAM 2 Set of two elegant 85 ml volume glasses for grappa or other aperitif VS HAMEDAM 2 Set of two elegant 85 ml volume glasses for grappa or other aperitif

Set of two elegant 85 mlvolume glasses Bohemia Crystal for grappa orother aperitif which shouldn’t bemissing in any household. Theshape of the glass resemblesa blooming tulip. This shapehelps to accumulate the aromaof the drink. You will enjoy thefull taste of your drink everytime and these glasses give youa great experience during yourdrinking moments. Packed in aVanilla Season gift box.Recommended branding:laser CO2. Maximum print size:12 × 12 mm. Dimensions: O 5 × 18.5 cm,package 11.8 × 19.5 × 6.5 cm.

9,32 € without VAT

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